Freshening Up Leads With Some Strategic Phone Contact

Just about no one likes cold calling. Such is the distaste of the average person for the practice, in fact, that even the famously business-friendly United States has outlawed it in many contexts. While cold calling can sometimes produce results given enough in the way of volume, it also invariably risks alienating call recipients. For those few operations where this is of no concern, this might not be a problem, but most businesses value their reputations and would never accede to sullying them in this way.

Even while cold calling is therefore out of the question for many companies, that is not to say that calling those who might become customers is by any means always a bad idea. Just about every significant business-to-business sales pipeline involves the calling of qualified leads and other prospects, and this is already accepted as the norm in most such contexts. At the same time, it is less usual for companies to follow up by phone with consumers who have expressed interest in their products or services. While it can be delicate work, those who succeed in such efforts often find that the rewards can be impressive, as well.


In a Graig Presti Reviews of not long ago, the marketer points out ways that small businesses can make good use of warm calling of this kind. Instead of letting languishing leads go entirely cold because of a reluctance to engage with them directly, smaller companies can often benefit from a strategic approach to making contact.

The graig presti interview points out a number of ways how this can be accomplished. First and foremost, it is important that the attitudes and techniques typical of cold calling be written off from the start. While cold calling specialists might take an indiscriminate shotgun approach, those looking for results from warm calling must be much more discerning.

As the graig presti bright ideas interview makes clear, this can be easier to accomplish than might be thought. Presti points out how simply answering a series of simple questions can be all that it takes, with the answers tending to make it clear how to proceed. Knowing who to call, when to do it, how to open a conversation, and where to take it, it turns out, is just about all that is needed to succeed with this style of sales. Given even this graig presti first interview, in fact, just about anyone would do well to rethink their stance on calling.

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